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About FI Wool

Falkland Island wool is considered to be a superior wool fibre and has historically been sold almost exclusively to the European wool processing trade. Great care is taken to ensure that classing is done correctly and many farms are members of the Quality Falkland Wool (QFW) scheme set up to ensure the highest preparation standards are followed. Read on for more details...

several sheepThe Green and Organic Advantage

Falkland Islands wool enjoys some of the greenest conditions to rear and shear sheep in the world. For over 100 years farmers have worked their farms to organic standards that would not be possible in more densely populated and developed countries. In the future this Green Advantage will make Falkland Wool more a brand than a commodity, as global consumers become more discriminating. Read more about Falkland Islands Green Advantage...

The Islands

shearingThe Falklands Islands lie in the Southern Atlantic Ocean some 13,000 kilometres from the UK. There is a tradition of raising sheep for wool on the Falklands stretching back over 160 years, and until the conflict with Argentina wool was the single most important income in the Falkland economy. Even today, although fishing has overtaken wool in terms of economic importance, wool still remains one of the most important economic factors and is thus treated with serious respect by the Falkland Government and people alike.

The Islands have a wonderful remoteness and their geographical position has driven a strong sense of identity in those who live there. Falkland Island farmers are highly self-sufficient and independent. Click here to go to the Falkland Government Website.

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The Falkland Islands Wool Company Limited
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Falkland Islands
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Latest News

In November 2006 The Falkland Islands Wool Company Limited was incorporated. The company was established on behalf of Falkland Island wool growers to run along the lines of a marketing co-operative and is owned exclusively by wool producers on the Islands who are members of the company. Membership is open to all Falkland farmers at no cost. The Falkland Islands Government are providing financial support to establish the company whilst longer term operations are funded via a small commission charge on sales to members.

The company is focussed on marketing Falkland wool to the world wool trade and has exclusive access to the largest clips on the Falkland Islands. We currently have approximately half of all wool produced on the Islands on our books and are the largest single merchant of Falkland wool.

The trading infrastructure has improved recently with the advent of containerisation and dumping (compaction) of wool bales in the Islands this season, combined with the opening of new shipping routes. Falkland Islands wool can now be shipped at competitive rates all over the globe.
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