The site for the purchase of wool from the Falkland Islands

About Falkland Islands Wool

Falkland Island wool is considered to be a superior wool fibre and has historically been sold almost exclusively to the European wool processing trade. Great care is taken to ensure that classing is done correctly and many farms are members of the Quality Falkland Wool (QFW) scheme set up to ensure the highest preparation standards are followed.

The wool is generally drip white and fibre strength is generally high yet the wool is soft in handle.

Due to climatic and environmental conditions yields are generally very high, often well in excess of 70% Schlum dry basis, and vegetable matter content is usually under 0.5% with many clips in the 0.0% - 0.3% range making the wool ideal for scouring applications. Micron range is generally between around 20 microns and 32 microns, with the bulk of the wool in the 24.5 to 28 micron range.

Breeding programmes supported by the Falkland Islands Department of Agriculture are injecting fresh merino bloodlines into the breeding stock which will mean that Falkland wool may become finer on average in the coming seasons.